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Media Credits

  • Feature image: 2D PIC simulation of laser wakefield acceleration. (Credit: Nicolas Bourgeois/ University of Oxford)

  • Full-width strip image: FBPIC Simulation of hybrid accelerator scheme. (Credit: Alberto Martínez de la Ossa. Nat Commun 12, 2895 2021)

  • Image: Map of PWASC UK members. (Credit: PWASC)


  • Box image: Simulation of the interaction between the bunches of protons (red dots) and the plasma wakefield (blue waves). (Credit: Alexey Petrenk/ CERN)

  • Box 1: Rendering of the two-stage, very low energy spread plasma accelerator developed for the EuPRAXIA facility. The open tubes show the paths of the laser pulses (red lines) that drive the plasma wakefields in the vacuum chambers. (Credit: EuPRAXIA)

  • Box 2: View of AWAKE. (Credit: Maximilien Brice/CERN)

UK roadmap
  • Box image: Cover of PWASC UK roadmap. (Credit: PWASC)

  • Full-width strip image: 40mm long discharge capillary waveguide for laser-plasma wakefield acceleration. (Constantin Aniculaesei/ University of Strathclyde)


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